How much is a meal plan?

We currently have three plans. Call us for information.

Can I choose my meals?

At the moment the chefs select each meal according to what is in season and available at the market. We try our best to work around any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have.

Can you cater to my allergies and dietary restrictions?

We try our best to cater to any minor dietary restrictions, allergies and dislikes. Munch Thyme reserves the right to decline service to any customers with restrictions we feel that are unable to be catered to.

How often do you repeat meals?

We try our best to not repeat the same items for at least three months.

How do I heat my meals and snacks?

Meals and snacks are already cooked and conveniently packaged in microwave safe containers all you need to do is heat and eat. To heat meals in microwave, lift one side of the lid and heat for 60 – 90 seconds (may vary depending on your machine). Snacks can be eaten cold or heated depending on the snack and your preference. If heating in a toaster oven, we recommend placing your meal in your own toaster-safe container. All meal and snack containers can be recycled at your discretion.

How long will the meals last and can I freeze them?

Your meals should be consumed by the latest date on the label. We keep our meals extremely healthy and clean by not preserving the ingredients. All meals are made and delivered fresh.

What are my payment options?

Munch Thyme will require payments to be made with a credit or debit card. Payments are processed on Fridays for deliveries starting Mondays. Payments will be processed on a reoccurring cycle every Friday until the customer send a written request to Info@MunchThyme.com to pause or cancel service. Cancellations or holds on service must be sent via email before Friday at 6 pm.

Is there a sign up deadline?

We want you to start your meal plan as soon as possible, but since our food is prepared fresh, it is important that we have a deadline. Orders must be placed by 6pm on Friday to start receiving meal plans on Monday.

Can I sign up more than one person at a time?

We require one person per account. Every client will have a unique account number that is used to identify the account.

What happens if I decide to cancel or pause service?

Your service can be cancelled by logging into your account before our Friday 6pm cut off date before the start of the following week. You may also send us a written request or call customer service to request pauses or cancellations by 6pm each Friday.

Is there a sign up fee?

Munch Thyme charges a $20 insulated cooler bag fee. This will be processed upon initial sign up and will not be reoccurring.

How are my meals delivered?

All of our items arrive in recyclable, 100% BPA-free, microwave-safe containers and are delivered inside an insulated cooler bag with ice packs. We suggest that you bring your cooler bag inside and refrigerate your meals as soon as you can. If for some reason you aren’t available, we highly recommend you arrange for someone to be available to place your meals in a refrigerator upon delivery. It is required that you place your cooler bag and ice packs out for the driver to pick up at the time of your next delivery. NOTE: There is a one time setup fee of $20 for your first cooler bag (with ice packs).

What are the delivery times?

Deliveries will happen two times per week. Our weeks start on Monday so typically Sunday night will be Monday and Tuesday’s delivery. Tuesday night delivery will be for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Deliveries take place between 12am-6am

What if I have a guard gate?

If you reside in a gated community, please advise the security guard to allow deliveries from Munch Thyme. Please keep in mind that we normally deliver in the middle of the night. Our delivery team can then bring your meals right up to your door. If Munch Thyme is delivering to your business and you have a reception area please advise them of our delivery.

What are the different meal plan options?

We have two menus, a Paleo menu and a Traditional menu. The Paleo plan contains 4-6oz. of lean protein and 3-6oz. of vegetables. The traditional plan contains that plus 2-6oz of complex carbohydrates.

What is Paleo?

A diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food

How do I know which meal plan is right for me?

You can always call Munch Thyme at 1-844-GO-MUNCH and speak to a nutrition adviser or a sales representative to determine what plan is best for you.

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